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  • Buy with confidence, Yandles hold the BIGGEST STOCK of ANY RETAILER in the UK
  • The widest range of display machines
  • Largest range of accessories & spares on the shelf
  • Priority deliveries from Record Power
  • Offering the BEST service using staff knowledge & the long-standing relationship with Record Power
  • Exclusive Demonstration days, Shows & Sales from the BIGGEST UK SHOWROOM

As the biggest UK stockist, with the largest showroom in the UK, we can offer a service that no other Record Power dealer can rival throughout the UK. Our exclusive Road Show days are the perfect way to gain knowledge on past & present Record Power machines with support from Records Powers in house team!


Record Power has a long & impressive history in the world of Woodturning. Offering an unrivalled range of high-quality Lathes & Tools! Here at Yandles we offer the FULL range of lathes both online & in-store.


To put it simply, Record Power are market leaders with their bandsaws! Combining over 100-years of experience, you can be confident of long term performance & support. Here at Yandles we offer the FULL range of Bandsaw on our website with the most popular models on display in our showroom, such as the Record Power BS300, BS350, Sabre350, Sabre450 & more entry-level machines such as the BS250.

Record Power BS250 Premium 10" Bandsaw 250W 230VRecord Power BS250 Premium 10" Bandsaw 250W 230V
Free Delivery!
£329.99 from £299.99 inc VAT

Planing & Thicknessing

Here at Yandles we offer the FULL range of Record Power Planers / Thicknesser on display in our showroom, with most models carried in-stock & the full range available online.

CamVac High Filtration Dust Extractors

For all woodworkers, a good dust extraction system is essential. Dust can cause serious damage to health as well as reducing the effectiveness of your machine, or even causing damage to it. Here at Yandles we stock the FULL RANGE of CamVac, both on display & on our website. We also have a full ducting system set-up in our showroom so you can see first-hand the power of CamVac extractors & hear the noise level of these machines & compare to other models & brands.

CamVac Machines are manufactured right here in the UK at Record Power's headquarters.

Table Saws

Record Power table saws feature market-leading industrial-inspired construction, offering cast iron saw units on solid trunnions for maximum strength, support and accuracy.

No other machines in this price range come close to this level of quality.

Here at Yandles we keep 2/3rds of the range on display with the full range on our website. Whilst we don't carry the stock here to take-away, our close relationship with Record Power means we can arrange for one to be sent directly to you from them without delay.

Proud to be the BIGGEST UK STOCKIST of Record Power Woodworking Machines, Tools & accessories

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