About Yandles

Situated in the picturesque village of Martock, near Yeovil within the confines of Somerset County, stands Yandle and Sons. With a legacy spanning over 160 years, this establishment has been a stalwart supporter of the local community. Over time, its influence has grown exponentially, now reaching a vast consumer audience across the nation.

At the heart of Yandle and Sons lies the expansive Yandles Woodworking Centre, unrivaled in size and scope across the entire country. This emporium caters comprehensively to woodworking enthusiasts, providing an encompassing range of offerings ranging from machinery and hand-powered tools to a plethora of accessories. Naturally, the most quintessential resource for woodworkers, timber, also finds its place within these walls.

The attraction of this exceptional locale extends far beyond its borders, drawing in visitors from all corners of Europe. They arrive, enticed by the opportunity to peruse through sprawling displays, curated in collaboration with numerous renowned manufacturers. The ethos of choice is woven into the fabric of this establishment, evident in its unparalleled product assortment. Whether one seeks machinery or adhesives, the commitment to presenting a curated selection of the finest available products remains unwavering.

Our dedicated staff are ever-present to provide both guidance and counsel. Customers can find solace in the assurance that when making a significant purchase with us, they benefit from the company's unparalleled experience of over a century and a half in the woodworking trade.

Nevertheless, the true differentiator that sets Yandles Woodworking Centre leagues ahead of its competitors is its expansive and incomparable self-selection Hardwood Timber Store, seamlessly integrated with the Tool Shop and complemented by our very own on-site Sawmill. Housing a vast array of over 60 timber variations across Planking, WoodTurning, and Carving Blanks, each item is priced individually, offering an effortless self-selection experience that simplifies timber purchasing like never before.

Additionally, an on-site Arts & Craft Shop, Gift & Home Shop, Gallery, and Café await, all nestled within an environment offering ample FREE parking.

Yandles takes immense pride in presenting one of the most extensive assortments of hardwoods available to the public in the UK. We keep our doors open 7 days a week, inviting you to explore our exceptional Self-Selection Centre. Here, you'll encounter a comprehensive array of major hardwoods along with an array of exotic hardwood timbers.

Recognizing that what might appear as a flaw to one person could be a distinctive characteristic to another, we grant you the privilege of perusing diverse grain patterns, sizes, and colour variations. This empowers you to discover the ideal timber piece for your specific project. Our timber selection is meticulously categorized by species, facilitating a seamless exploration process, enabling you to identify the perfect wood match for your endeavour. Should queries arise or if you seek guidance in selecting the most fitting timber for your undertaking, our well-informed staff is always eager to provide assistance.

Every timber within our self-selection centre is planed on one side and individually priced. Our prices include VAT, eliminating any unpleasant surprises at the point of sale.


“In the realm of woodworking, there is no such word offcuts"!

Here at Yandles we keep a treasure trove of our hardwood offcuts awaiting discovery for your next project. Replenished on a regular basis, our bargain bins are ready for searching through, with every piece individually priced.

As you explore the assortment, you'll find pieces that beckon with their distinctive grain patterns, textures, and hues. These remnants are not mere leftovers; they are reservoirs of creativity waiting to be tapped into. Delve into the world of hardwood offcuts at Yandles!

Our Timber offcuts can be half rounds / semi round pieces cut from the edge of bowl blanks, second grade pieces that are accordingly reduced or reflect timbers from out coffin furniture & urn manufacturing mill. 99% of the Timber available in our off-cut bins is hardwood, mostly exotic hardwood, with the most fascinating grain & all priced from as little as 50p!

Looking to learn something new? Here at Yandles we offer a range of courses including:

  • Woodturning
  • Pyrography
  • Joinery
  • Bandsaw set up
  • Sharpening
  • Carving
  • Finishing
  • And more!

Whether you're looking to delve into a new subject, enhance your existing expertise, or explore a creative pursuit, our array of courses is designed to cater to your learning aspirations. From hands-on workshops to comprehensive educational experiences, Yandles provides a platform for you to broaden your horizons and engage in meaningful learning opportunities.

Discover Yandles courses today!


Yandles Gift & Home stands as a welcoming and casual gift emporium that also serves as a platform for showcasing the artistic brilliance of West Country craftsmen. Within its walls, a diverse collection of household items, personal care products, culinary delights, and more can be found. Noteworthy brands like Miles Tea, William Whistle Coffee, The English Soap Company, and Filberts of Dorset grace its shelves. From textiles to ceramics, delectable chocolates to savoury condiments, and, of course, heartfelt greetings cards, the store caters to a wide range of preferences.


Moreover, for those with an inclination towards locally crafted treasures, the gallery section boasts an ever-evolving exhibit of artistic endeavours. Positioned at Yandles, the establishment naturally features an impressive array of wooden crafts, encompassing the gamut from exquisite turnings and intricate carvings to exquisite bread and cheese boards, solid oak lamp bases, timepieces, and mirrors. Wood turners seeking inspiration are always welcome to drop in!


Discover an ideal destination for all your arts and crafts essentials at Yandles Arts & Crafts Shop. Our extensive selection encompasses paints, yarn, fabrics, and a diverse array of arts and crafts materials. Whatever your creative vision, we're poised to provide the perfect resources.

Our team, known for their warmth and expertise, is eager to assist you. Feel free to seek guidance whenever needed. Immerse yourself in our roster of arts and crafts courses conducted by talented local artists. It's an opportunity to acquire fresh skills and knowledge. Rest assured, our prices remain competitive, ensuring exceptional value for your investment.

From cottons to denims and every textile in between, our fabric collection caters to all your sewing needs. Discover the ideal fabric for your upcoming sewing venture.

This village style café is nestled in the Gift + Home shop of the well-known Yandles site in Martock, Somerset. Featuring exotic timber tabletops, along with crafty colourful lampshades the café is a unique, fun and cheerful place to enjoy breakfast, lunch or simply for tea and some delicious cake.
Historic photos of the working timber yard, plus bright colourful artworks and a zingy new paint colour finish the look, giving a light airy and modern feel.

Another feature is our open-air terrace. A nice relaxing space on a sunny day with café tables, comfy seats and shade umbrellas. Picnic tables have been added to the front of the shop as well, creating some dog-friendly outdoor spaces.
The quality and resourcing of our food is extremely important to us, we support local business, buy fresh ingredients and bake our own scones and sponges.

Home baked daily specials also supplement the menu (except on Sundays). Expect lasagne, pies or savoury quiches as some of the bakes you could enjoy.

Our delicious Sawmillers (the classic full-English) uses local butchers sausage and dry cured bacon, free range eggs served with herby roast potato, tomato and field mushroom.

Additionally, the popular morning offers include the BLT or Breakfast Bap - with a coffee, tea or soft drink. Plus a lighter option Pastry deal - freshly baked pastries selection and tea or coffee. Tempted?



Yandles was founded in 1860 by Henry Yandle, a wheelwright, after he resettled his family from Wiveliscombe to the then small, but prosperous Village of Martock. It is thought that as the cloth mills around Wiveliscombe began to decline, Henry moved to Martock where there was a buoyant and successful industry based around agriculture.
It would seem that as a wheelwright he found plenty of work and soon began to expand his business with the help of his two sons, William and Fredrick. The Company carried out repairs to local properties, built the local gas works and several houses, as well as commencing the manufacture of gates, ladders etc. out of locally felled timber. By the start of the Great War the Company had developed a successful sawmilling business and during the War manufactured parts for gun carriages and ammunition boxes.

After the war the Company continued to expand its timber operations, sourcing timber locally, using Ash, Elm and Oak. Initially, running the Mill on steam with 14 heavy horses being used to haul the timber.

Gradually, Yandles began to move into the production of Elm Coffin sets (these consisted of a pair of ends and sides, a lid and bottom supplied in planed and sanded boards ready for the Coffin Manufacturer/Undertaker to assemble into a coffin) and after the Second World War this became their main production line. All the timber could be found locally, with the Elm being in plentiful supply and fast-growing.

Local Farmers would treat it like a crop selling a few trees off each year to provide extra income and as Elm had limited uses, due to the fact that it was prone to woodworm and had a tendency to warp there was little competition for the timber. As demand grew, the Company needed to look further afield for its raw materials as it required large trees in order to cut the coffin lids out of (jointing was not acceptable) and so gave up felling its own timber and relied on about thirty independent timber buyers from around the Country.

At its peak the Company had a work force of around one hundred, producing 1000 coffin sets a week – representing about 10% of the United Kingdom market.