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Yandles Gift & Home stands as a welcoming and casual gift emporium that also serves as a platform for showcasing the artistic brilliance of West Country craftsmen. Within its walls, a diverse collection of household items, personal care products, culinary delights, and more can be found. Noteworthy brands like Miles Tea, Coffee, The English Soap Company. From textiles to ceramics, delectable chocolates to savoury condiments, and, of course, heartfelt greetings cards, the store caters to a wide range of preferences.

Moreover, for those with an inclination towards locally crafted treasures, the gallery section boasts an ever-evolving exhibit of artistic endeavours. Positioned at Yandles, the establishment naturally features an impressive array of wooden crafts, encompassing the gamut from exquisite turnings and intricate carvings to exquisite bread and cheese boards, solid oak lamp bases, timepieces, and mirrors. Wood turners seeking inspiration are always welcome to drop in!

Open Mon- Sat: 9am-5pm

Sunday: 9:30 - 4pm

Contact: 01935 825 891

Diverse art forms beyond wood craft find their place in our offerings, each possessing a blend of aesthetic beauty and practical functionality, often times embodying both qualities. Ceramic homewares hold a special place among our offerings, and our jewellery selection showcases a harmonious mix of traditional and contemporary designs. The collection is adorned with lively glassware, endearing teddy bears, intricate wire sculptures, and a kaleidoscope of silk scarves in every imaginable hue.

Within the realm of fine art, a rich tapestry unfolds: from captivating watercolour landscapes to meticulously detailed avian portraits, from venturesome mixed media creations to every imaginable artistic exploration in between. Our ethos supports both established and up-and-coming talents, with many artists offering prints that serve as an accessible avenue to owning a piece of art.

Hence, whether your quest is for an unconventional gift, a home accent, a personal indulgence, or even a wellspring of inspiration, Yandles Gifts & Home beckons as your destination. It emanates vibrancy and colour, providing a refreshing departure from the realm of commonplace high street stores. Here, the extraordinary and unique await your discovery.

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