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Introducing Yandles Timber Calculator!

Short of time? Need a fixed cost for your job? Worried about hidden costs and too much waste? Require a fixed size?

Our Timber Calculator is here to help! Our Sawmill can offer a fixed-price timber processing service for many of our stocked kiln-dried timber, available for nationwide delivery.

Here at Yandles, we have a skilled & highly knowledgeable workforce in our sawmill, supplying hardwoods to both trade and the general public. We have many years of experience ensuring our customers maximize what they want in a time frame that suits them. The sawmill is full of industrial machinery to ensure that we can do the job required.

Ordering is supposed to be straightforward and the process and terms are explained below. If you have any other questions please call or email one of our helpful team on 01935 822207 option 3 or


Oak logs ready for cutting
Oak log being sawn inside Yandles sawmill
Sawmill manager pulling off oak beams from the back of the saw

Timber Calculator

Species Machining Thickness Ex Inch Width Length Cubic size Pieces Cost
in in in ft ft³ £
Timber cost: £ (£ ex vat)

Key Terms

Sawn: Hardwood comes in various widths and lengths. There is no set size and as such it is impossible to competitvely quote because of every changing stock. It is available to buy per ft3 or m3. The boards may be planed on one face. We will pick boards to cover the quantity you want. For the best way to find a sawn board visit our Self Selection centre and pick through our stock to find the board that best suits your needs.

Cut ot size: The boards are ripped to the correct width and length is left long to ensure you have a clear board to work on. The boards will be planed on one face to allow us to us to check the quality of the timber.  

Planed all round(PAR): The boards are ripped to width and then planed on all four faces. We then cut the boards to length to tidy up the board and ensure a ready to use piece.

Planed ex: This means planed as thick as possible at the nominate thickness. For example 25mm planed ex will be finish somewhere between 22mm and 25mm depending on how thick the sawn face can be planed out. 

Finished size: We will pick the closest thickness we can to finish at the correct thickness, but sometimes this costs a lot more due to available thickness. For example Walnut finshed at 25mm will be planed from a 50mm board because that is the closest board we have. We stock more thicknesses in oak and so it would come from a 40mm board. If the thickness isnt critical select ex inch. 

Please note we work to a -/+ 1mm tolerance. To ensure optimum finish we advise customers sanding with a fine grit to enable the oil/wax to best absorb.

How does it work?

  1. Decide whether you want to use metric or imperial. We work in both.
  2. Decide whether you want the timber cut to size, planed all round or a sawn cubic quantity. With all options our experienced staff will select the timber to ensure a quality product. Cut to size involves parallel edging the timber and cutting it to length to ensure you have a straight blank to work from or whether you want the timber planed all round to size.If you have your own machining facilities please visit our self selection centre to find the best prices for our sawn boards.
  3.  Decide which timber you want. We can prepare cutting lists in Ash, Beech, Iroko, Maple, Kiln dried prime Oak, Sapele, American Cherry, Southern Yellow Pine, American Tulipwood and American Black Walnut. For more information about the timbers please click here 
  4. Decide whether you want to finish at a size or finish ex the size. We work from sawn boards at 25mm(1"), 38mm(1.5"), 50mm(2"), 75mm(3") or 100mm(4").(depending on stock availability in the timber.) This means if you need to finish at 25mm we will have to machine a 38mm board to finish at 25mm as the machining takes roughly 3-5mm to plane smooth. If the finished thickness is not too critical you can select ex inch. This means the sawmill will prepare the timber as thick as it will go once it has been planed. 25mm would be around 22mm, 38mm would be 34mm, 50mm would be about 45mm, 75mm would be 70mm and 100mm around 95mm. If your finished sizes falls between the sawn thicknesses we will finish to the size required. 
  5. Don’t forget to add your Glue’s & Finishes to your basket too, there will be no extra delivery cost on these & we have a wide range to choose from!
  6. Order the timber. We deliver nationwide. The sawmill will ensure that the best quality timber is selected and machined to your specifications. They also try to ensure that the order is prepared and dispatched within 5 working days so you are not delayed in your project.

There is a minimum order of £100inc VAT for cut to size timber. 

Have your own machining facilities?

 If you have your own machining facilities please visit our self-selection centre to find the best prices for sawn boards. All the timbers in our self-selection centre are planed on one face and individually priced so there are no nasty shocks at the till.

Visiting our timber self-selection centre, you are in control. You can look through our stock & pick your sizes / desired grain patterns, unlike other merchants who give you the first plank off the stack!
No appointments are necessary here, the Self-Selection Timber Centre & Tools & Machinery Shop are open 7-days a week!

Give us a call on 01935 822 207 to discuss your upcoming projects!

Yandles timber self-selection centre

Timber Limitations & Available Thicknesses

Limitations: maximum 200mm wide, 95mm thick and 2.5m long. Minimum thickness of 10mm - Minimum order value £150. Other wider / longers boards are available, for price and availability please email us or call us on 01935 822207 and press option 2.

  • Ash: 1”(25mm), 1.5(38mm), 2” (50mm) 3” (75mm), 4” 100mm)
  • Beech: 1”, 2”, 3” (N/A not available above 1 7/8th thickness)
  • Black Walnut: 1”, 1.5” (N/A anything above 7/8th comes out of 2”), 2”, 3”
  • Cherry: 1”, 1.5” (N/A anything above 7/8th comes out of 2”), 2”, 3” (N/A not available above 1 7/8th thickness)
  • Iroko: 1”(25mm), 1.5(38mm), 2” (50mm) 3” (75mm), 4” 100mm)
  • Maple: 1”, 1.5” (N/A anything above 7/8th comes out of 2”), 2”, 3”
  • Oak: 1”(25mm), 1.5(38mm), 2” (50mm) 3” (75mm), 4” 100mm)
  • Sapele: 1”(25mm), 1.5(38mm), 2” (50mm) 3” (75mm), 4” 100mm)
  • Southern Yellow Pine: 1”, 1.5, 2”, 3” (N/A not available above 1 7/8th thickness)
  • Tulipwood: 1”(25mm), 1.5(38mm), 2” (50mm) 3” (75mm), 4” 100mm)
  • Sycamore: 1”(25mm), 1.5(38mm), 2” (50mm) 3” (75mm), 4” N/A

We also offer a cut-to-size service on Green Oak from our partner European sawmills. Find out more here.

Oak beams going into Yandles timber self-selection centre