Olson Saw Company has been manufacturing in the United States since 1918, making a wide range of Scroll Saw Blades & accessories.

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Olson 5" Long, Plain End Skip/Reverse Tooth Scroll Saw Blades. 7RG - .046" W x .018" T x 10/7rev TPI
Plain end Precision Ground Tooth ? PGT® Scroll Saw Blades are the best blades available! Tested and endorsed by experts, PGT blades outperform and outlast all other blades. Their razor sharp teeth cut faster, smoother, and more accurately in both straight and radius cuts. A unique tooth geometry and widely spaced gullets minimize burning and provide rapid chip removal. They are made of the finest...
£8.99 £5.99 inc VAT
£13.99 £8.99 inc VAT

£7.99 £4.99 inc VAT

£6.99 £3.99 inc VAT
£6.99 £3.99 inc VAT

£7.99 £4.99 inc VAT
£4.99 £2.99 inc VAT

Olson Saw FR44800 Skip Tooth, .045 x.017-Inch,11.5-TPI Scroll Saw Blade
£5.99 £3.99 inc VAT

Olson Scroll Saw Blade - 18.5 TPI 0.068 Wide X 0.014 Thick X 3" Long - Stamped Skip Tooth - Pin End
12-packs and 36-pack assortment. Skip tooth blades are available in a range from the finest FR400DZ (#3/0) size to the FR410DZ for coarser sawing of thicker materials. For hand or machine sawing of wood, plastic, and fibrous materials. Skip tooth blades cut fast, provide good chip clearance, and smooth finishes.
£4.99 £2.99 inc VAT

Plain End 4-Packs ScrollSanders for scrollsaws and fretsaws
SC92262BL Plain End 4-Packs ScrollSanders
£9.99 £6.99 inc VAT
Olson Bandsaw / Scroll Saw Premium Blade Lubricating Wax Stick - Extend Sawblade Life!
Prolongs saw blade life and produces smoother and quicker cuts!
£9.99 £5.99 inc VAT

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