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Fiddes Exterior High Build Wood Oil
Fiddes Exterior High Build Wood Oil
A blend of natural oils & resins offering a transparent satin finish with exceptional durability and resistance for all external joinery & woodwork.
from £31.99 inc VAT
Fiddes Hard Wax OilFiddes Hard Wax Oil
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Fiddes Hard Wax Oil
Fiddes Hard Wax Oil is a blend of natural oils & waxes offering exceptional durability & resistance for internal natural wood flooring, kitchen worktops (wood) and areas subjected to a high degree of wear. Produces a quick drying, natural satin / matt water repellent, tread-fast finish that will not peel or flake. To maintain / renovate, simply wash, buff or re-apply, following the guidelines...
from £12.99 inc VAT

Fiddes Wood Surface Cleaner
Fiddes Wood Surface Cleaner
Formulated with soaps and natural oils which will not damage or remove the existing finish. Ideal for daily cleaning and maintenance of interior wooden floors and furniture that have been treated with Hard Wax Oil, Lacquer or Varnish. Rinse free, neutral PH, will not remove exiting finish or leave dulling residue. Simply spray lightly and evenly, and wipe clean with lint free cloth.
£10.99 inc VAT

Fiddes Mellow Wax PolishFiddes Mellow Wax Polish
British Made
Fiddes Mellow Wax Polish
Fiddes Mellow Wax range is formulated from a traditional recipe, developed from over ninety years experience in the manufacture of fine wood finishes. A blended beeswax polish of the highest quality, Fiddes Mellow Wax Polish is available in 5 distinctive wood shades, and have been successfully used for finishing sealed or previously polished wood for nearly a generation.
£14.99 inc VAT
Fiddes Supreme Wax PolishFiddes Supreme Wax Polish
British Made
Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish
Description Toluene Free Quick Drying Low Aromatic Excellent Results On Bare Or Sealed Wood 7 Consistent Colour Shades Formulated to offer excellent results on bare or sealed wood, Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish contains a unique, environmentally friendly blend of waxes that naturally enhances the beauty of your wood. Available in seven carefully selected shades, the Supreme Wax range exhibits significant...
£12.99 inc VAT

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