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Japanese Laminated SK5 High Carbon Steel Nomi ChiselsJapanese Laminated SK5 High Carbon Steel Nomi Chisels
Japanese Laminated SK5 High Carbon Steel Nomi Chisels
For those who desire the balance and functionality of a Japanese chisel without the price tag of their high end laminated cousins we have sourced these great value SK5 high carbon tool steel laminated chisels. SK5 is a high grade Japanese tool steel often used in the manufacture of quality knife blades, it offers easy sharpening with a good edge holding property at an exceptionally low price. The handles...
from £15.99 inc VAT
Japanese Shirogami Nomi ChiselsJapanese Shirogami Nomi Chisels
Japanese Shirogami Nomi Chisels
Our NK series Shirogami Ichigou Nomi chisels feature a laminated blade of Hitachi white paper tool steel and high carbon steel, this combination offers the user exceptional edge holding ability at a very attractive price. The handles are from quality Japanese red oak with a rear iron hoop to prevent splitting. Why white paper steel? White paper steel or Shirogami as it is known in Japan is a high...
from £44.99 inc VAT

Japanese Kiridashi Marking KnivesJapanese Kiridashi Marking Knives
Japanese Kiridashi Marking Knives
Our Japanese Kiridashi marking knives are of the finest quality, the laminated blades are hammer tone finished on the face and flat ground on the back side to register true against a marking gauge, the back side of the business end also has a slight hollow grind for ease of lapping the back of the blade. The cutting edge comes to a very fine point and is double bevelled then polished to produce the...
£12.99 inc VAT
Japanese Octagonal Gennou Hammers 375gJapanese Octagonal Gennou Hammers 375g
Japanese Octagonal Gennou Hammers 375g
Probably the most popular of all the Japanese style hammers the octagonal Gennou is a true all rounder capable of driving nails, striking chisels and setting wooden planes. The silver octagonal heads are very nicely finished and fitted with a high quality Japanese oak handle. As with all professional Japanese hammers one face of the hammers head is ground flat and the opposing face is ground to a...
£36.99 inc VAT

M-Star Edge Trimmer
M-Star Edge Trimmer
Originally designed as a laminate edge trimmer this M-Star edge trimming tool is ideal for breaking hard and soft wood board edges. The compact tool registers against two faces to guarantee a perfect 1mm chamfer every time. Made in Japan
£28.99 inc VAT
Japanese Yokote Marking Knife
Japanese Yokote Marking Knife
Japanese Yokote Marking Knife
£26.99 inc VAT

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