Yandles Mates Rates


Welcome to our BRAND NEW feature ‘Yandles Mates Rates’.  In this new area of the site you will be able to view exclusive online deals running in an auction like fashion.  We will be offering selective products at ‘one time’ special offer prices, if at least 10 people (quantities may vary) wish to purchase this product.  The great thing about this is that you can see how many people have signed up for the offer before you decide to proceed, then you simply place the order and if the minimum amount of people order within the 7 – 10 day period, the auction stays live for your order to go through, if not we simply cancel the order.  All items will be available to purchase at our usual prices even during the period the auction runs, so if you don’t want to wait, you can purchase at the usual price right away!


Here’s an example of how it works;

Yandles Sander RRP £129.99, Yandles Mates Rates auction price £99 if 10 people purchase, auction runs for 7-10 days and you will be able to see LIVE how many are left in stock to complete the offer!

Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages for upcoming auctions and last minute bargains.


We currently have no group deal offers.