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Japanese Octagonal Gennou Hammers 375gJapanese Octagonal Gennou Hammers 375g
Japanese Octagonal Gennou Hammers 375g
Probably the most popular of all the Japanese style hammers the octagonal Gennou is a true all rounder capable of driving nails, striking chisels and setting wooden planes. The silver octagonal heads are very nicely finished and fitted with a high quality Japanese oak handle. As with all professional Japanese hammers one face of the hammers head is ground flat and the opposing face is ground to a...
£38.99 inc VAT
Japanese Soft Faced Mallet from Asahi - Oak HandleJapanese Soft Faced Mallet from Asahi - Oak Handle
Japanese Soft Faced Mallet from Asahi - Oak Handle
Sometimes a project requires a little gentle persuasion to bring a joint together without the risk of bruising the timber. Our Japanese soft faced mallets are just the ticket for this, they feature a quality cast iron head fitted with two medium density interchangeable plastic faces and a strong Japanese white oak handle.
from £12.99 inc VAT