Magswitch Technology has designed and developed a new technology in switchable magnetics. This new technology has allowed us to introduce products into the market that are literally “Changing the way things are done”. In the beginning, technology drove the company’s corporate strategies, with a business model focused on protection of its “simple but elegant” magnetic technology. Today, with numerous patents and patents pending in all industrialized markets across the globe, Magswitch has evolved into an integrated business. In addition to research and development, Magswitch now delivers product design and engineering, manufacturing, and product distribution globally. Magswitch is committed to a business model that identifies key industry partners, allowing the small corporation to leverage its technology and products through recognized global distribution, sales, and marketing channels.

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Magswitch Dual Roller Guide AttachmentMagswitch Dual Roller Guide Attachment
Magswitch Dual Roller Guide Attachment
Attaches to the Universal Base and MagJigs. Features a dual set of roller-bearing support for firm, smooth gliding of wood through the blade. Micro adjustment allows fine tuning to 90°. Ideal for resawing on band saws, as a helping hand when supporting raised or longer panels on table saws, or as general in-feed and out-feed support on tables or fences. Low-profile design.
£34.37 inc VAT
Magswitch Resaw Guide AttachmentMagswitch Resaw Guide Attachment
Magswitch Resaw Guide Attachment
Low-profile design for use when sawing timber into thin boards with a rotary or band saw. Features roller bearing support for firm, smooth gliding of the wood through the blade. Angled in-feed/out-feed allows blade drift adjustment. Ideal for resawing on band saws, oscillating spindle sanders or disc sanders. Includes micro adjustment for fine tuning to 90°. For use with the Magswitch Universal...
£25.44 inc VAT

Magswitch Ultimate Thin Stock Jig/Rip Guide Attachment 3-in-1Magswitch Ultimate Thin Stock Jig/Rip Guide Attachment 3-in-1
Magswitch Ultimate Thin Stock Jig/Rip Guide Attachment 3-in-1
Unique, low-profile guide offering three tools in one. Mounts to the Universal Base and MagJigs. Features stepped side for most common sizes, and sloped side to suit any size of wood up to 25mm (1"). Point features a roller bearing and extends for accurate, repetitive ripping of stock. Keeps fingers away from the blade whilst minimising chatter for clean cuts.
£31.22 inc VAT
Magswitch Universal Base
Magswitch Universal Base
Centrepiece of the Magswitch work-holding system. All Magswitch attachments are designed to fit the Universal Base. Low-profile design. Requires 2 MagJigs to secure to a steel or cast iron surface. Accepts both MagJig 44kg (95lb) and MagJig 67kg (150lb).
£27.17 inc VAT

Magswitch Universal FeatherboardMagswitch Universal Featherboard
Magswitch Universal Featherboard
Versatile featherboard for use on any table or fence with no mitre slot limitation. Features 2 on/off Magswitches, each with 44kg (95lb) of holding force. Use for left or right feed, or as in/out feed on a table or fence. Fast set-up with precise positioning and tensioning. • Versatile — no miter slot limitation. • Perfect for infeed/outfeed applications. • Can be used...
£63.46 inc VAT
Magswitch Universal Track AttachmentMagswitch Universal Track Attachment
Magswitch Universal Track Attachment
Universal track that allows the user to set up a fence in seconds. Accepts all standard mounting hardware. One side accepts standard T bolts and 1/4" hex, the other side accepts T bolts, 5/16" clamps and Kreg® clamps. Includes micro adjustable brackets for fine tuning to 90°.
£45.65 inc VAT

Mini Angle                                                             40kg (90lb)
£39.50 inc VAT