Late Night Demonstration with Paul Hannaby

23rd February 2024

Join us on 23rd February for another captivating night of woodturning, this time with Paul Hannaby.

Paul Hannaby, a skilled woodturner, brings together craftsmanship and artistry in a captivating display as he transforms a raw piece of wood into an airbrushed bowl. Starting with a carefully selected blank on the lathe, Hannaby employs precision turning tools to shape and carve the wood, gradually unveiling the desired form of the bowl.

What sets this demonstration apart is the incorporation of airbrushing techniques. With finesse and creativity, Hannaby uses an airbrush to apply intricate designs and colours to the surface of the bowl. Whether utilizing stencils for precise patterns or employing freehand methods for a more organic feel, each stroke of the airbrush adds a layer of artistry to the piece.

  • Completely FREE event
  • Limited seating available
  • LIVE inside the Toolshop
  • Open to all
  • Shop open to browse & buy until 6.30pm 
  • Demonstration time: 4-6pm


Late Night Demonstration with Paul Hannaby