Late Night Shopping + Mini Christmas Market!

24th November 2023 - 24th November 2024

Late night shopping at Yandles with a Mini Christmas Market!

Come and join us on November 24th, 2023, for a special evening of late-night shopping featuring a Mini Christmas Market!

Late-Night Shopping Extravaganza!

Experience the joy of late-night shopping, as all our shops will keep their doors open until 19:30. Explore our Toolshop, Timber Self-Selection Centre, Arts & Crafts Shop, Gift & Home Store, and Café, all ready to cater to your late-night shopping needs!

Enchanting Mini Christmas Market:

Prepare to be enchanted by our Mini Christmas Market, taking place from 2 pm to 7 pm. Discover 20 hand-picked stalls scattered throughout our venue, offering a delightful array of unique handmade Christmas gifts.

Live Demonstrations

Throughout the evening, we have an exciting line-up of live demonstrations both around and inside our Toolshop:

  1. Thorn Wood Forge: Witness the craftsmanship of Thorn Wood Forge as they set up their active forge outside the Toolshop. Explore their metalworking skills and peruse their range of handmade products.

  2. Turn & Burn UK: Join Bee and Andy Mathews outside the Toolshop for captivating demonstrations of Woodturning and Pyrography. Don't miss the chance to view and purchase their exquisite handmade wooden gifts.

  3. Pete Ravenscroft: Pocket Watch Stand Masterclass! Step inside the Toolshop between 4 pm and 7 pm to watch Pete showcase his exceptional woodturning skills with two seated demonstrations.

  4. Pyrography Tasters: Inside the Toolshop, we offer you the opportunity to try out pyrography machines and engage in small projects. Our expert demonstrator will be there to provide guidance.

  5. WoodTrick Model Making: Visit the Toolshop to explore a vast display of WoodTrick Wooden models. Our experts will be on hand to demonstrate these unique kits that you can assemble yourself—perfect for a special Christmas gift!

Special Offers Galore

Discover hundreds of special offers and Christmas gift ideas throughout our site. Immerse yourself in our festive Christmas display and bask in the glow of our sparkling Christmas lights.

Mark your calendar for this extraordinary late-night shopping experience with a touch of holiday magic!

Late Night Shopping + Mini Christmas Market!