Office Life At Yandles

Office Life At Yandles

It doesn’t seem possible that summer is over and winter is setting in, needless to say with rain being the main factor of our winters these days, I for one am dreading it.  I know it was my choice to have a cream labradoodle who looks more like a retriever and loves water and mud!  However, it has been so blissful not having a wet dog to deal with and mud splattered everywhere including over me as he helpfully shakes himself dry.


Jeff and I have put behind us the most stressful period I have ever experienced at Yandles, both of our computers failed within a couple of days and were out of action for nearly a fortnight.  I still have night time panics over it and can definitely see why Gerald Mounstephen our Company Chairman prefers pen and paper!  In this day and age we rely on technology so much and it only takes something like what happened to us to bring everything to a standstill because although we had backed up all our work on various appliances, at the end of the day we couldn’t use the information stored without the computer so wages couldn’t be done properly, e-mails were lost, accounts unpaid, all in all a complete nightmare as with all of these things it seems to take such a long time to sort things out even though we were using a very competent firm to deal with it. However we are now back to normal and running smoothly once again, touch wood! The only thing is I now have nothing to blame when things go wrong.


Working with my Son does seem to be working, much to the surprise of both of us.  He tells me what to do and I do it if it’s what I want to do and visa versa  so that way we are both happy.  The mill has continued to grow thanks to the hard work of Alex in building it up and Ian along with Ray and Gerald who between them have over 100 years’ experience in the timber trade.  Along with green oak for all sorts of use, they are happy to assist with hardwood enquiries, and recently we have also started stocking some softwood as the demand for this has grown.


It seems impossible to believe that another show has been done and dusted and I hope that any of you that were able to attend enjoyed it.  We were really pleased with the line-up of demonstrators including Stuart Mortimer and Nick Agar and we have had nothing but favourable feedback.  The music was enjoyed by many, including us in the office as we could hear it through the window.  Jeff very kindly treated me (well Yandles paid) to a coin counter and the amount of time it saved was unbelievable, it also stopped the arguments about who was not going to count the 1p, 2p’s and 5p’s.  In fact Gerald, who usually pops in to see how we are getting on with the balancing of the tills at the end of the day and gets the job of helping sort out the copper was really relieved this year.  So it’s now back to the drawing board and time to start thinking about our April Show 2015 which will be on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th.  My life seems to be dictated by our bi-annual shows and its frightening how quickly they come round. 


On a sad note we were very disappointed that a small minority think it is ok to come to a free event and steal from us.  We would like to thank our kind customers who pointed some of them out to us and we were able to retrieve some of the stolen goods.  However, it is a very sad reflection on our society that you have people who think it is ok to take what isn’t theirs, with no thought to the consequences of their actions.  We work so hard to put on our shows which cost us a lot to hold and run and it is so upsetting when people try to take advantage of us.  The sad thing is that the people we caught were not young and should have known better. 


In the meantime we have several other events on, starting with the Triton Launch Day on the 18th October where the complete range of Triton Precision Power Tools will be demonstrated in our Saw Mill.  There will be a ‘try before you buy’ under professional guidance and Yandles Staff will be available to offer specific advice until 4 pm.  There will be special offers available on the whole Triton range as well as 20% off all timber from the Self –Selection Store.  There will also be a unique opportunity to tour the mill from 2 pm onwards with David Mounstephen the Managing Director and these tours need to be booked in advance.  (So, if you have never visited during a working week now is your chance to see what we do)

We are also hosting on November 8th a Charnwood Road Show, with special offers and discounts on our timber from the Self Selection Centre and a Record Power Road Show on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of November with again lots of offers and timber discounts.  All events worth putting a note about in your diary. 

The Office has settled back down to normal for a while before the next challenge arrives for us to face.  (If I run out of coffee, Jeff might have his first challenge) and into the usual day to day running of office life.  We are always pleased to hear any suggestions you might have to improve any aspect of Yandles so don’t hesitate to contact us and hopefully we will see you at one of our events.     Jane

10th October 2014

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