DRAPER 300L Dust Extractor (2200W)

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300L Dust Extractor (2200W)

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Manufactured from superior materials, its heavier construction helps deliver a better performance.

Provided with a cartridge filter designed to sieve down to 0.5 microns minimizing the amount of harmful dust in the workshop and featuring a powerful 2200W motor capable of extracting small and larger particles or fragments.

Suitable for attaching to most static workshop machines including bandsaws, table saws, scroll saws, planers and sanders.

Manufactured with a no-volt switch and attached to a base trolley that’s fitted with four swivel castors helping provide easy manoeuvrability.

Each extractor is fitted with BS non-rewireable moulded plug and 1.8M (approx) of cable.

Supplied with a 5-micron canvas collection bag, a transparent collection bag and 1M collection hose

Particularly useful for fine dust producers, such as saws or sanders.
Motor-multistage    ...   1500W
Air flow (102mm dia. hose)   ...   42L/sec
Filtration   ...   5 micron (bag type)
Intake   ...   100mm x 2
Bag   ...   500mm diameter x 850mm height
Capacity   ...   153L
Weight   ...   47kg


DRAPER 300L Dust Extractor (2200W)

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