Bessey STC-HH50 Self-adjusting Toggle Clamp

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Bessey STC-HH50 Self-adjusting Toggle Clamp

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  • In the clamped position, the lever is horizontal
  • Automatic and infinitely variable adjustment of the clamping height 0 - 65 mm (2 ½ In.) while clamping force remains unchanged – without having to make manual changes to the position of the pressure screws
  • Clamping force is variable up to 2,500 N (550 lbs) depending on the adjustment of the set screw in the cantilevered joint
  • Sturdy, tempered metal sheets for a long service life
  • Hole pattern on the base plate designed to facilitate fast and secure clamping set-up for metric and imperial
  • High-quality two-component plastic handle
The power to be in position fast!
With the new self-adjusting toggle clamps from BESSEY, work pieces of differing heights can be clamped both quickly and securely.
This makes them perfectly suited for use in small-scale production situations.
However, it wouldn't be a BESSEY toggle lever clamp if our development team hadn't come up with another stand-out feature – true to our company motto "BESSEY. Simply better." – which is the ability to automatically adjust to differ work piece heights while also maintaining constant clamping force.
This makes time-consuming manual adjustment of the pressure screw a thing of the past. BESSEY toggle clamps have even more to offer when it comes to their flexibility; the clamping force can be optimized to the demands of the particular workpiece, simply by turning a set screw on the cantilevered joint.
Furthermore, the hole pattern on the base plate has been designed to facilitate fast and secure clamping set-up. All this makes it an extremely flexible clamping tool – give it a try!


Bessey STC-HH50 Self-adjusting Toggle Clamp
Bessey STC-HH50 Self-adjusting Toggle ClampBessey STC-HH50 Self-adjusting Toggle Clamp



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