Precision Roller Guide Upgrade Kit For Record Power Bs300, Bs350

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UK delivery available from £6.49

£83.40inc vat

These precision roller guides are manufactured in the UK specifically for the Record Power models BS300E - BS350S, refer to the chart below for models and recommended blade widths.

There is NO drilling, filing or any modification required unlike many cheap after market guides currently on the market.
Manufactured in steel and aluminium, these guides will make a very good saw even better, they give superb blade control have low heat generation to the blade and produce no sparks.

Both side support rollers and thrust roller are adjusted by a cam system giving precision setting longer, and allows full contact to the blade, this eliminates any blade twist, cutting contours will particularly appreciate the blade control.

Available in the upper guide assembly as this takes on 80% of the work.

*Please note fitting these guides will result in a loss of 50mm in depth of cut.
29th August 2017
Terance Rand said...
"This is a cracking upgrade well worth adding to the machine "
Star Rating 5
30th June 2017
RS said...
"Cracking bit of kit - makes a massive difference on the BS350. Nice and easy to fit and much better than the standard guides. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade."
Star Rating 5
14th June 2017
Jack said...
"A great product that really lifts the accuracy and quality of these bandsaws, in my case the BS350. Unfortunately, I can't give the same high praise for Yandle's on this occasion. I took 2 months to arrive with no updates from Yandle's until I called them. On the first phone call (one month in) I was just told that stock wasn't available yet and they couldn't give any extra information. The second call to Yandle's (6 weeks after the order) got a slightly more productive updates and an eta, which the product did arrive on. For a company that is generally regarded as very good with customer service, I was a little taken aback just with the lack of communication. Overall I probably would buy again as this appears to be the only place to get this great product but my recommendation does come with a health warning on this occasion. I have still given this a 5 star rating as I believe that suitably represents the product"
Star Rating 5
1st December 2016
john prior said...
"excellent product,fitted perfectly,easily adjusted huge improvement over standard guides very pleased with product band service from Yandles."
Star Rating 5
18th July 2016
Stephen Brown said...
"These guides are about a million times better than the original guides, which were probably the weakest part of the BS350S. Definitely worth the money! They're also a little bit safer as you can get the fence closer to the blade with the guides lowered most of the way down. With the old guides I often had to raise them up a bit more than I wanted to because they were interfering with the fence."
Star Rating 5
20th April 2016
Tim Pettigrew said...
"I came across this by chance when looking for a turning tool. Advertised for the 300E bandsaw, I wasn't sure if it was compatible with the older Record Power 300X bandsaw which I purchased in 2009. To find out, I emailed the manufacturers (Phil at ACM) who assured me that it would fit OK, so I bit the bullet and purchased it. It is an extremely well made bit of kit, and yes it did fit (it took less than 15 minutes). It is really excellent and as well as improving accuracy of cut, the whole machine runs more smoothly. Yes there is a loss of about 50mm depth of cut (reduces the maximum depth to 150mm), but if on the odd occasion I want to cut to the old maximum depth of 200mm, it is very easy (a few minutes work) to temporarily replace the old guides. "
Star Rating 5
23rd February 2016
Barry Clinch said...
"Guides arrived today and just fitted then to my Record BS350. Took about 15mins to fit and adjust. Well worth the money. Blade runs much truer with less twisting and deflection. One minor niggle, it would have helped if instructions gave size of hex keys needed."
Star Rating 5
4th February 2016
Ray Chruscht said...
"I was very glad i saw this fitted it to my record bs350 and it is fantastic the quality is excellent and easy to fit excellent workmanship"
Star Rating 5


Precision Roller Guide Upgrade Kit For Record Power Bs300, Bs350
Precision Roller Guide Upgrade Kit For Record Power Bs300, Bs350Precision Roller Guide Upgrade Kit For Record Power Bs300, Bs350Precision Roller Guide Upgrade Kit For Record Power Bs300, Bs350Precision Roller Guide Upgrade Kit For Record Power Bs300, Bs350

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