DREMEL Speed Clic Cutting Kit

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SpeedClic Accessory Set (SC690)

Assortment of 10 SpeedClic cutting wheels and the special SpeedClic mandrel.
Besides 6 regular 38 mm metal cutting wheels the kit includes 2 special thin cutting wheels and 2 unique plastic cutting wheels.
SpeedClic is the unique quick-change system for rotary tool accessories.
SpeedClic. Quick, Easy, Keyless.

SpeedClic Accessory Set (SC690) - Content:

11 Accessories

DRESC409 (2x)
Dremel SC409 DREMEL® SpeedClic™: Thin Cutting Wheels
DRESC456 (6x)
Dremel SC456 DREMEL® SpeedClic™: Metal Cutting Wheels
DRESC476 (2x)
Dremel SC476 DREMEL® SpeedClic™: Plastic Cutting Wheels
Dremel SC402 DREMEL® SpeedClic™: Mandrel


DREMEL Speed Clic Cutting Kit



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