Cove cutter 10mm radius

Item Code: 13-3X1-4HSS

Supplier Ref: 13-3X1-4HSS

MPN: 82079099

Two Flute Radius

UK delivery available from £6.49

£32.29inc vat
These are made from a single piece of High Speed Steel, ground with a very fine edge. |They are only suitable for non abrasive materials, but will give a superior finish in soft timbers. |Generally HSS cutters are slightly less expensive than their TC grades, but can be more suitable for certain applications.|For coves and part of a rule joint.
D=20 mm|C=18 mm|OL=44 mm|R=10 mm|Shank Diameter=1/4 inch|



Cove cutter 10mm radius
Cove cutter 10mm radiusCove cutter 10mm radius



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