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Laguna 18|36EB 20" Steel Extension
Laguna 18|36EB 20" Steel Extension
The 20″ Extension includes a solid cast iron tailstock support block for outboard turning. The support block raises the tailstock back to centerline for stability & additional material support when outboard turning. It is supplied with a Tool-Rest Extender. The 20″ Extension can be mounted in 4 different positions including headstock or tailstock end of the bed as a bed extension,...
£499.99 inc VAT
Laguna 18|36SE 12" Swing Away Extension
Laguna 18|36SE 12" Swing Away Extension
The 12″ Swing-Away Extension allows you to “Park” the tail-stock onto the Extension & then swivel it out of the way when not in use. It also works as a 12″ bed extension.
£249.99 inc VAT

Laguna 18|36WK Deluxe Wheel SystemLaguna 18|36WK Deluxe Wheel System
Laguna 18|36WK Deluxe Wheel System
The Wheel System is designed for both the REVO 12|16 (not currently available in the UK) and 18|36, allowing maximum stability by letting the REVO 12|16 or 18|36 to only sit on the four pads when in use. When moving the Revo 18|36, all four swiveling casters are engaged. Dual Gas Struts make raising & lowering ultra smooth.
£549.99 inc VAT