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Suehiro Japanese Carvers Profiled WaterstonesSuehiro Japanese Carvers Profiled Waterstones
Suehiro Japanese Carvers Profiled Waterstones
Manufactured by Suehiro in Japan these top notch carvers stones feature multiple profiles for the sharpening of small carving tools, the side flats and the reverse can also be used to sharpen flat tools.
£19.99 inc VAT
Suehiro Japanese Taper Gouge WaterstonesSuehiro Japanese Taper Gouge Waterstones
Suehiro Japanese Taper Gouge Waterstones
Manufactured by Suehiro in Japan the newly upgraded taper gouge stones now feature Dual-Stone technology, this means that they can be used either as a traditional Waterstone or a western style oil stone. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONCE OIL HAS BEEN APPLIED THE STONE CANNOT REVERT BACK TO BE USED WITH WATER. Manufactured from aluminium oxide the stone is 152mm in length with a convex side and a concave opposing...
from £34.99 inc VAT