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Deep Cast Clear Casting Resin (CER)Deep Cast Clear Casting Resin (CER)
Deep Cast Clear Casting Resin (CER)
Our Clear Epoxy Rigid Casting Resin has been especially formulated for deep casting in one pour making it ideal for resin river tables, also known as resin live edge tables CER is an un-accelerated clear epoxy casting resin system, which offers a long open time for bubble removal and precise article placement. It also avoids high exothermic reaction and the resulting shrinkage after curing. Perfect...
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totalCAST (Total cast) Clear Art Casting Resin
totalCAST Clear Art Resin is a revolutionary hybrid polymer that produces an optically clear, high gloss finish totalCAST Art Resin has been ASTM certified non-hazardous and non-toxic. UV Resistance: totalCAST utilises hybrid technology to inhibit yellowing. The totalCAST range contains a quick and easy mix pack for single use application. The one-use 200g TwinPack sachets are designed for the resin...
£27.60 from £22.08 inc VAT