Scorch Marker Pro Easy Wood Burning Pen/Foam Brush

Scorch Marker Scorch Marker Pro Easy Wood Burning Pen/Foam Brush

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Product Description

The Scorch Marker Pro is a unique way to create a pyrography effect on wood, card and even paper. Use the Scorch Marker to write or draw your design as you would with a normal pen. The ‘ink’ in this case is a chemical, which reacts with the wood when heated. The ink is non-toxic and safe. Once completed, go over the area with a hot air gun. When the temperature reaches 190°C, the design will magically begin to burn into the wood. Applying more heat further darkens the design.

Using Scorch Marker allows you to exercise your creativity without the need of a high temperature pyrography iron. The improved forumla allows you to achieve faster and darker designs. Whilst the pigment adjustment allows you to achieve precise designs. Switch between two tips, one brush and one bullet tip, to achieve a variety of effects. Experienced pyrographers find Scorch Marker a useful addition. It has great potential when it comes to shading and enhancing a pyrographic illustration. What better way to sign and date a piece of furniture or woodturning?

Scorch Marker works on most types of wood; light coloured woods give better contrast. For best results, sand the surface down to 220 grit. Applying a light stain or oil prior to using the Scorch Marker will help achieve clean, crisp lines and prevent bleeding, or you can use a vinyl template. The 3mm chisel tip with a dispensing valve improves accuracy and application. The ink’s pinkish hue makes it easy to see. If you make a mistake just sand away the blemish and re-start. Detailed instructions on how to use the pen are on the back of the packaging. Made in the USA.

Scorch Marker: an odour free and non-toxic chemical wood-burning pen.

Customer Reviews

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"Not sure what I was expecting, it works of sorts, maybe I used the wrong type of wood. Bit disappointed"
Star Rating 3

How to use Scorch Marker

Step 1 - Prep your surface (when using wood sand to at least 220grit)

Step 2 - Shake your marker and prime the nib by pressing down on some kitchen roll or similar a few times

Step 3 - Apply your design!

Step 4 - Brush it on too! (Dab dry if there's excess on the workpiece)

Step 5 - Heat your design! (We recommend a heat gun of at least 1500W)

Step 6 - Apply your finish (if using wood) to protect your work and make it pop!

Step 7 - Made a mistake? Not a problem! Just sand away and jump back to step 1!

Step 8 - Show off your amazing work!


Can I use the marker on cutting boards or wooden cooking utensils?

Yes. It is safe. The marker will not leave a harmful residue. 


What heat gun is best? 

We recommend using a heat gun rated at 1000 watts or more. Some embossing heat guns will get hot enough to trigger the reaction but it will take more time. You can also use open flame, torches or heat sources that exceed 300 F° or 150 C° 


What types of finishes can I use on my project? And what type of finish do you use in the videos? 

Any finish you like. After burning, your design is permanent and not affected by wood finishes. Be careful with wipe on finishes and burnt wood smears. We use Odie’s Oil, as it’s a natural, oil/wax combo. 


I made a mistake, can I erase it? 

Scorch Markers burn deep enough to be permanent but shallow enough to be sanded away. 


What types of wood work best? 

The better question is what grain type works best. We prefer to use the marker on endgrain, like wood slices or cookies, but if you can’t do that then go for anything. The burn will always show up better on lighter colored woods. Cheap, rough craft wood is the worst choice. We suggest using woods like basswood, sourwood, pine, aspen poplar, oak, or even walnut. You might have trouble with dark woods like purple heart, ebony, and wenge. However, it will work great on all woods sold at craft and hobby stores. Don’t forget about paper and cardboard! 


Is it safe for my kids to use? 

Absolutely, just be sure to provide adult supervision and let an adult do the heating. 


I didn’t have time to heat my project and the liquid dried! Will it still work? 

It’s ok! You can apply your design and come back weeks later to finish the heating process. It will still work. 


How long will this marker last? 

A very long time. You only need a small amount of liquid to trigger the reaction. Furthermore, we include more liquid in our Scorch Markers than most markers on the market. 


My marker was left uncapped and the tip is dried out, what can I do? 

Not a problem. Remove the nib, rinse it with warm water, replace it and you’re good to go.


Length - 137mm

Width - 10mm

Height - 10mm

Weight - 50g

Colour when drawn - Clear

Colour when heated - Varies dependant on heat applied (More heat = Darker Burn)


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