Rentokil has been a household name since 1927, and is seen as the number one pest control brand in the UK. A recent survey found Rentokil to be the brand most associated with pest control products by consumers.

A survey instigated by Rentokil products showed over 65% of consumers have experienced a pest control problem in the past 12 months, with pest numbers only set to increase in the future according to reports.

According to a report published in 2006* the market is valued at over £54m at RSP, with the leading brand, Rentokil, enjoying over 28% market share (at the time of the report) and growing year on year. It is estimated the market by value is divided approximately 50/50 between Insect control and Rat & Mouse control.(*Source Mintel, Edengene & Rentokil).

Over 50% of those questioned identified Rentokil as the brand most trusted to deal with a pest control problem in the house; 30% more than its nearest rival. The Rentokil Products Range currently consists of over 60 products, and is split into two main categories: Insect control and Rat & Mouse Control.

Insect Control - with over 30 products in the range and can be sub-divided
into the following categories:

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