Reisser R2 Retinox 5x 40mm Stainless Steel Wood Screws Box 200

Product Description

R2 RETINOX WOODSCREWS are manufactured to the same specifications as the R2 YZP screws to give consistent performance in all timbers and board materials. The use of A2 Stainless Steel offers high corrosion resistance in tough environments is ideal for sterile, hygiene applications and has resistance to chemicals/ dyes / foodstuffs. The self-colour stainless material is also gives an attractive finish if visible. The 25º needle point gives the ability to penetrate almost all timbers without a pilot hole and the sharp, wide deep thread with unique lubrication gives up to 40% less driving resistance and easy penetration and offers exceptionally high pull out resistance. The deep reinforced pozi drive countersunk head recess allows the best possible fit to the driver bit, reducing “cam out” and providing extra strength at the critical junction between shank and head. Fully accredited the R2 RETINOX is available in a wide range of sizes, in full and part thread and in many volume options including handy Clipbox quantities. Presented in attractive, informative packaging the R2 RETINOX gives an ideal solution to the toughest jobs. (NB for costal or marine applications A4 Stainless Steel should be used – please enquire for availability).