Fine height adjuster for T3, T5, MOF 96 + Others

Item: FHA-001

MPN: 84679900

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Product Description

This fine height adjuster simply fits onto the router and allows fine adjustment of the cutter height. |They are especially useful for accurate work such as when the router is held inverted in a router table. |Suitable for the following|TREND T3, T5, T5MK2|AXMINSTER AW635R|CHALLENGE 1020W|CHAMPION CPR850|DIY ER005|DEWALT DW613, 614, 615|DRAPER R850V|EINHELL EOF 850SP,BOF 1050E|ELU MOF 96(E)|FERM FBF-6E, 8E 1050E|NUTOOL NPT850, 102, HP6, MNPC900|POWERBASE 1020W|PERFORMANCE POWER 1020W|PERLES OF808(E), OF2-808(E)|POWER DEVIL PDW5026, 5027|POWER BASE 1020W|SILVERLINE SL762|VIRUTEX FR78, 78C|WICKES 900W|SEALEY SR1000|OSAKI 1020W


Thread size=M5


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