Excell™ Brass Finish 45mm Padlock 4-Pin - 38mm Shackle

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Excell™ Brass Finish 45mm Padlock 4-Pin - 38mm Shackle

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Product Description

The Master Lock M1BEURDLF has the following specifications: 45mm Excell™ laminated steel padlock with brass finish - 38mm Octagonal boron carbide long shackle, 8mm diameter - 4-pin tumbler cylinder - dual ball bearing locking


45mm - 38mm Shackle

The Master Lock Excell™ Brass Finish Padlocks are made with cutting edge technology to deliver unprecedented security. They feature tough cut patented octagonal boron carbide shackles which are 50% tougher to cut than hardened steel, and dual ball bearing locking mechanisms for maximum pry resistance.

Theses padlocks are built for strength and are made from laminated steel with zinc outer components and a brass finish for weather resistance. They have either a precision 4-pin or 5-pin cylinder and recessed rivets that are chisel resistant.

Supplied with 4 keys and a Lifetime Warranty against mechanical failure.

Suggested uses: Gates, sheds, storage units, fences, containers and chains.