Leatherworking Day!

18th April 2019

Come & Meet International Leatherworking Suppliers Tandy Leather on the 18th of April

Come and join us on the Tandy trailer, to make and take a FREE small leather item, throughout the show. Or book (inside the trailer on the day) onto one of the daily workshops, choose from a list of items* and have a pro leatherworker guide you through the build (*cost applies).


Since 1919, Tandy Leather has been the resource for generations of leathercrafters, providing quality leather, tools, kits and teaching resources. Charles Tandy’s dream was to teach the world leathercraft, one person at a time. Whether you are a child or an adult, leathercraft offers fun and rewards to all that care to take the adventure. The history of leather speaks for itself, dating back to the beginning of mankind when leather was vital for survival by providing protection against the elements of nature when animal skins were used as clothing and footwear. Today, leather continues to be used for clothing; mainly for warmth and fashion but it goes way beyond those purposes today. Leather has captured the hearts of so many, young and old. We continue to strive to make Charles Tandy’s dream to teach leathercraft to the world one person at a time a reality with exceptional customer service, quality product offerings, and a welcoming environment that takes the mystery out of leathercraft.

Leatherworking  Day!