Record Power 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw New & Improved!

Record Power 16" Variable Speed Scroll Saw New & Improved!

First look at the New updated & improved version of the SS16v available for 2015!

Record power have been busy re-designing the NEW SS16v, at first glance you can see is the light has completely changed, this has been upgraded to a bigger light that not only allows better lighting, its also much easier to replace the bulb!

The blade holders have also been upgraded, you can use both pinned & pin-less blades, but most of all you can now turn the blade to the side allowing much longer pieces to be cut without any throat limits!  There's a handy Tool caddy to keep your spare blades & a slot at the top of the machine to hold the pin-less guides.

Almost everything else has remained the same, the motor is still 90w, the table tilts 0 - 45 & the max depth of cut is still 50mm!

Overall the changes have improved this machine hugely!

And don't forget, all Record Power machines come with a 5 year warranty as standard!

For more information on the upgraded SS16v CLICK HERE.

19th November 2015

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