Introducing The New Startrite SD31...

Introducing The New Startrite SD31...

Introducing the ALL NEW Startrite SD31 12 x 8 Heavy Duty Planer Thicknesser!

The Startrite SD31 comes with Parallel Lift Tables, boasts a massive 3HP motor & is available in 240V or 415V.

The Startrite SD31 is a compact yet extremely accurate, powerful and easy to use industrial Planer Thicknesser. It has been designed to offer serious home users and smaller professional workshops a high performance solution for accurate dimensioning of timber.

Wheel kit also available!

Top Features:

  • Parallel Lift Tables
  • 3HP Motor
  • 1400mm Tables
  • Includes Fence
  • 3 Knife Block
  • Heavy Duty Central Column

For more information on the SD31 CLICK HERE

31st July 2015

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