Focus On Draper Storm Force

Focus On Draper Storm Force

 Introducing the new range of Air Tools from Draper, STORM FORCE!  This Brand New range of tools boast some attractive features such as:

  • Low noise
  • Low vibration
  • Variable Speed Controls
  • Reasonably Priced

We had to get some samples into our training room to test them out!  All of the Storm Force tools were light weight & easy to assemble.  They came to hand well & after assembling them we were keen to get them running!  We linked them up to our small 25L compressor to test them out, however we would recommend running them on a larger 50L compressor such as the Draper 50L Storm Force Compressor.

Draper Storm Force Die Grinder 65130:

First we tested out the NEW Storm Force Die Grinder:

We ran it on our small compressor & surprisingly it ran well!  There are no accessories included in the box & it has only comes with a 6mm collet, so we ran a 6mm drill bit (at low speed). We drilled it straight into some Kiln Dried Oak!  The result was good, it went through Timber without problem!  There was very low vibration & although we only ran it for a short period the tool did not feel at all heavy.  It’s a shame there is no accessories included in the box, but for the price of this compact unit we were impressed. 

Awarded 4 stars.


DRAPER Storm Force 50mm Sander 65059:

Next up was the 50mm sander, this tool worked very well, again we ran it on a small compressor for a short run time but were very surprised at how well it preformed.  The final result on the Timber after only using 80 grit was great, however again we would recommend using this on a bigger compressor such as the Draper 50L Storm Force Compressor..  Although we only had a short run time with the 50mm sander it did not fail to impress!

We award the 50mm sander the full 5 stars!


DRAPER Storm Force 75mm Sander 65069:

Again used this on a small compressor however unlike the others this sander did not run too well, we would need to use a bigger compressor to test it to its full advantage, this was disappointing as the other tools ran fine on the smaller compressor (for a short fun time at least).  As we didn’t get to test this tool fully we feel it unfair to rate it, check back again soon & if we get a chance to run it on a big compressor we will give it a ‘Star rating’.


DRAPER Storm Force Stubby Air Ratchet ¼” 65018:

Perhaps one of the most popular lines in this NEW range is the ¼” Ratchet.  It came to hand very well, it’s a small compact unit that ran with good torque.  For a stubby, unit on ¼ sockets this Ratchet had some guts!  It took nuts off at warp speed with minimal vibration.  Again we would recommend using a larger compressor such as the Draper 50L Storm Force Compressor to get the full advantage of this tool.  Very impressed with this little Ratchet (especially for the price)!

We award it the FULL 5 stars!

Check out the FULL RANGE of Draper Storm Force Air Tools HERE

14th July 2015

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