Focus On Proxxon Universal Oil Pump AP 12

Focus On Proxxon Universal Oil Pump AP 12

This week we had a chance to check out the New Proxxon AP 12 Universal Oil Pump

The Proxxon AP 12 is the perfect tool for oil changes, it can perform an oil change in just 2-3 minutes!  The Proxxon AP 12 is suitable for pumping motor, diesel and heating oil.  With 60 watts of power, the AP 12 can effortlessly pump fluids at 250L/hour (when fitted with a 1/2" feed hose).

When changing oil with the dip wand, the flow rate is 3L/minute at 40°C oil temperature (6mm diameter (800mm long) dip wand included).  Also fitted with Crocodile Clips suitable for connecting straight to a car battery.  The unit was surprisingly small & lightweight (weighing in at approx 1.4kg), the feed and supply sides have 1/2" connectors and an outlet hose of approximately 1,500mm is also included.

The housing is made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide to insure this product remains durable. (Size approx 130 x 90 x 90mm). 

Here at Yandles we were very impressed with this little unit, its small size & light weight makes it great for portability & its small enough to store away.  Even though it was small the exterior of the main unit felt strong.


  •     Perform an oil change in just 2-3 minutes
  •     Pumps, motor, diesel and heating oil effortlessly
  •     250 liters an hour (fitted with a 1/2" feed hose)
  •     Pumps the oil out of an engine via the dipstick shaft
  •     Includes a 6mm diameter dip wand
  •     Crocodile clips fitted suitable for connection to a car battery
  •     130 x 90 x 90mm, weight 1.4kg
  •     Price

In conclusion we had to give the Proxxon AP 12 Universal Oil Pump the full 5 stars!  It really was hard to fault this especially when its priced at under £50!

You can find more information on the Proxxon AP 12 HERE

8th July 2015

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