Focus On The Triton TPL180 Triple Blade Planer

Focus On The Triton TPL180 Triple Blade Planer

At first glance of the TPL180 looks like a series piece of kit, it has a big, bulky construction that wouldn’t look out of place on site!  The TPL180 feels robust & despite its bulky appearance, surprisingly comes to hand well.  The TPL180 has a 3 blade block & an ultra-wide planning width of 7”!  The 10-Position depth control dial allows you to set the cut depth from 0 – 2mm in seconds & it boasts a fully cast base with non-slip rubber moulded grip!  It has a powerful 1500W motor & runs on a standard 3 pin plug.

We decided to put the Triton TPL180 through its paces...

We threw it straight in at the deep end & decided to plane some 8” wide Solid Oak Beams!  We started with a light 0.5mm cut and this was no problem at all, it flew across the beam in seconds & produced a nice clean finish.  After truing up the other side we ramped it up to a 1mm cut, again the finish was truly impressive after only one pass with minimal tear out.  The long base of the TPL180 made it easy to insure the planer remained flat at all times.  It made easy work of an 8” Green Oak Beam, even with two passes on each side we managed to plane an Oak Beam all round in minutes!


  • Powerful 1500W motor
  • 3 blade block
  • Cut depth from 0 – 2mm
  • Long cast base
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Fast & Effective
  • Cheap

In conclusion we give the Triton TPL180 the full 5 stars, it really was hard to fault this machine, it made easy work of a Solid Oak Beam wider than its capacity, adjusting the depth was fast & simple & it has a 3 blade block! All on a machine under £200!  And if you question the quality, Triton offer a 3 year warranty when registering your product online!

You can find more information on the TPL180 HERE

25th June 2015

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