Hands On With The New Proxxon INDUSTRIAL Tools

Hands On With The New Proxxon INDUSTRIAL Tools

Here at Yandles we were lucky enough to get a selection of the New Proxxon INDUSTRIAL Hand tools to test out!  After playing with the kit, Its not hard to see why PROXXON was awarded one of the best brands 2015 (as a result of the readers' survey 2015 of MOTORRAD)!  The tools felt strong, robust & came to hand well! After ripping bits off the company van & putting it back together again, the Proxxon tools did not miss a beat!

First we tested the Automotive and universal tool set (23 650):

'What a tool kit'! The Slimline combination spanners from 6 - 19mm felt like they belonged under a bonnet, they were ultra slim, very light weight & precise fitting!  This kit comes with a ball-peen hammer with graphite handle for superior vibration damping, handy non-slip grip (that only weighs 300g) & a set of Knipex pliers & water pump pliers that looked & felt great in the hand!

Inside the box (41 first class quality tools in a tough molded case):

  • 12 combination spanners forged CrV steel 6 to 19 mm
  • 180mm Knipex combination pliers
  • 240mm Knipex water pump pliers
  • 6 screwdrivers slotted and Philips
  • Automotive tester with cable and crocodile clip
  • 10 sockets 8 to 24 mm
  • Ratchet handle, universal joint, and 2 extension bars
  • T-adaptor, 16 and 21mm plug sockets
  • Folding hex key set 1.5 to 8mm and a 300g hammer

'If you are looking for a better Tool Kit than this, you are probably wasting your time'!


We also tested the Proxxon MicroClick torque wrench (23 353) & FLEX-DOT 6-piece screwdriver set (22 604):

With 1/2" square drive (12.5mm) & Total length 530mm, the Micro click had a clear legible analogue display for simple pre-selection of the desired torque.  The wrench felt very Sturdy, with an oval steel shaft (with rust-protective finish) the ergonomically shaped handle allows for automatically gripping it in a centric position (Important for obtaining an exact release torque).  They are also packaged in a sturdy and practical plastic storage box.

The FLEX-DOT 6-piece screwdriver set boast an Oil- and acid resistant non-stick special rubber handle, although we could not test this to the extreme, they worked well with oily hands & the finger recesses helped give extra grip!

All the tested products (& more) are available to purchase HERE


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9th June 2015

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