Ray's 'Lean-To' Shed Using The Kreg Jig

Ray's 'Lean-To' Shed Using The Kreg Jig

Today we are having a play with KREGS HD POCKET HOLE JIG. This can be used freehand as I am doing or it can be fitted to the Kreg K3, K4 and K5 jigs for static use.

I needed to make up a lean to shed so I decided to give the Kreg HD a try.

I first cut the floor timbers -

I then set up the HD with the new Kreg auto clamp which slides into a slot in the jig once fitted you can slide the stop on to end of jig this stops the clamp from sliding out making the clamping single handed

Now drill the pockets with drill supplied mount frame in position and screw together!

For this project I also used the KERG Quick Release Chuck, This allows you to quickly switch from drill to driver In seconds & is compatible with ALL manual Kreg Jigs

Here is the frame screwed together, I needed to clear a drain Roding Inlet (hence the spacing) I will have to put a hatch in floor to access Drain Roding at a later date

The rest of the frame has been pocket holed together

The outside has been clad in 200 mm Feather Edge Red Cedar.

All timber and tools can be purchased Online


11th November 2014

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