Focus on Charnwood B25010” Bandsaw!

Focus on Charnwood B25010” Bandsaw!

Can you really get a good-quality bandsaw for under £360? Check out our write up on the Charnwood B250.

This Premium Woodworking Bandsaw from Charnwood comes into a class of its own at this price range. Retailing for only £359.99 (however there is an August offer on!), this 10” Saw packs some great features for under £360.

With a Huge 6'' Cutting Depth Capacity (1” more than similar models at this price) & a 10'' Cutting Width (Throat) the B250 has a generous cutting capacity.

Unlike most competing models on the market, the B250 is supplied with High-Quality British Made Blade (3/8” x 6TPI).

Although the main construction of the saw is Aluminium, the table is Ground Cast Iron to facilitate a more precise set-up & cut.

The fence on this model is surprisingly well built & sturdy with a ‘Quick Action Lock On Style’.

Rather than a ‘cheap’ brush motor, these premium saws include a quiet Induction Motor (great if you are in a smaller workshop or have neighbours nearby!)

There is also a handy Mains Powered LED work Light attached, with a separate on/off switch. This may seem like a small add-on, however in the workshop having a light you can focus on your workpiece is a nice touch & handy feature.

As well as your traditional dust port, this model also sports an ‘Integral Dust Collection Tray’. Again, this could be a small add-on however dust collection on most bandsaws (especially the ‘light-trade’ machines’) is quite poor. Whilst connecting an extractor helps draw dust from the cutting face, inevitably dust builds up towards the base of the machine & unless cleared regularly can impact on the lower wheel. The handy ‘dust tray’ on this model captures most of this excess dust lower down & the tray can be easily removed & emptied.

When it comes to the Blade guides, you really want Roller Bearings, these can be the key to straight and accurate cutting on a bandsaw. The B250 has a good set of roller guides with three sealed bearings on the blade guard. Two mounted side-on to the blade to control blade twist and keep it true. The rear bearing takes the thrust of the back of the blade allowing it to run freely. The same setup is then repeated beneath the table.

The cast iron table tilts from 90 degrees to 45 degrees and has a positive stop at both of those positions. The rip fence can also be situated on either side of the blade, again this not a feature that all models have at this price point!

Whilst this machine can be bench-mounted, it does include a floor stand at the base price.

Classed as a ‘light trade’ machine, the B250 is really good value for money, especially when you consider the added features. Overall the B250 really is a good quality bandsaw for under £360 & gets our vote!

For more information on this machine please visit the link below or call our sales team on 01935 822 207:


Posted by Adam Jeffery
11th August 2020

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