Exporting into the EU and Brexit

Exporting into the EU and Brexit

Exporting into the EU

In preparation for Brexit on October 31st Yandles will cease exporting to all EU countries on October 20th 2019. Due to the variation of commodities & uncertainty on what will happen on & after October 31st we have no choice but to halt our exporting until there is clarity on what position the UK takes. After October 31st we hope to reassess our exporting opportunities & will work with our couriers & exporting agents to assess what products & countries we can export into & at what costs. If you are from an EU country & are looking to place an order with us please do so before October 20th & your goods will be shipped in accordance with our current terms & conditions, tariff-free. If you have an outstanding order with us or have any items on backorder you will be contacted directly to discuss your options.


UPDATE 29/10/2019

Brexit extension agreed for 3-months.  As the EU has agreed on a 3-month extension, we will now be able to continue exporting until JAN 20th 2020

Posted by Adam Jeffery
12th October 2019

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