Exciting Changes Ahead!

Exciting Changes Ahead!

Good news: after ten years of trading the 303 Gallery is going to undergo a major revamp.

There will be new display equipment, new colours - a whole new look. And a change of name, the gallery will be reopening as Yandles’ Gallery. As a lot of paint will be splashed around during the refurb we need all makers to remove all their work during the week before we start.

YANDLES GALLERY will be closed from June 11th - June 27th

The revamp of the gallery is just a part of a five year plan of modernization and development at Yandles. There are continuing improvements to both the Wood     Working Shop and the Hobby Shop.

The café is to have an extension and a new kitchen and will be reborn as Yandles’ Café - these are exciting times to be part of Yandles. To celebrate all of this we will be having a launch party on Friday July 8th. Invitations will be by email and we will ask you to email on the invite to your clients and spread the good news.

We look forward to seeing you all, soon!

Gale and the Gallery Team

3rd May 2016

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