Tormek PA-70 Honing Paste

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Honing Compound PA-70

Impregnate with light machine oil
When new, impregnate the leather with light machine oil. This will soften the leather and cause the honing compound to penetrate the leather.
Apply a string of the honing compound
Apply a thin string of the honing compound before starting the machine. Rotate the wheel by hand.
Distribute the compound
Start the machine and distribute the compound by pressing a tool gently against the wheel. Let the compound penetrate the leather.
One application lasts for 5–10 tools. Then re-impregnate the honing wheel with a few drops of oil and apply fresh honing compound. Work the honing compound into the leather. Do not let the compound dry, apply more oil if necessary.

Hone away from the edge

Don't hone towards the edge

Always hone away from the edge!

If you hone towards the edge, it cuts into the wheel!


Tormek PA-70 Honing Paste



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