Record Power SC4 Professional Geared Scroll Chuck Package

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Record Power SC4 Woodworking Chuck SC4- Package-Axis Thread inc Insert

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Record Power Woodworking Chuck SC4-2 Jaw Package-Axis Thread inc Insert -

Now Supplied complete with the woodworm screw, 50 mm standard jaws, 2” faceplate and insert to suit virtually any lathe (including M33 x 3.5) this package offers professional performance at an exceptionally affordable price.

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The SC4 is perfect for the demanding woodturner, being capable of holding large work pieces yet possessing the precision and compactness to handle more delicate work. This model features an enclosed back with full indexing plate and has pinions driven by a long ball ended hex key to make access easy, even when large work pieces are mounted. This chuck is an insert model (the relevant choice of insert is included in the price) which means it is easily future proofed against upgrades and can be used on multiple lathes, even if they have different spindle threads (additional optional inserts required).  SC4 chuck Internal Diameter and thread is M42

Compatible with Record Power Supernova & g3 jaws

62112   Thread Adaptor M20x2 RH
62113   Thread Adaptor M20x1.5 RH
62115   Thread Adaptor 7/8"x12 TPI UN LH
62125   Thread Adaptor RH M33x3.5  ISO
62126   Thread Adaptor 3/4" Plain Bore
62127   Thread Adaptor 1-1/8"x8 TPI UNC RH
62128   Thread Adaptor 3/4"x16 TPI UNF RH
62129   Thread Adaptor 1"x10 TPI BSF RH
62130   Thread Adaptor RH M30x3.5 RH
62131   Thread Adaptor 1"x12 TPI UNF RH
62132   Thread Adaptor 1-1/4"x8 TPI UNS-RH for DVR-XP & 1624-44 Lathes
62133   Thread Adaptor 1"x8 TPI UNC RH
62134   Thread Adaptor 5/8" Plain Bore
62136   Thread Adaptor 3/4"x10 TPI BSW  RH
62137   Thread Adaptor M24x3 RH
62152   Thread Adaptor M18x2.5 RH
  Thread Adaptor Blank-Can be bored upto 30mm
62159   Thread Adaptor 1"x8 TPI LH&RH Dual Threaded
62160   Thread Adaptor 7/8"x14TPI RH
62161   Thread Adaptor M25x2 RH
62162   Thread Adaptor 1-1/4"x8TPI UNS RH

Heavy Duty Jaw Slides

The improved and enlarged jaw slides give unsurpassed holding power and load bearing ability. They are made from high tensile steel, reinforced with nickel and copper and heat-treated to ensure superior strength.

Jaw Fixing System

The SC3 and SC4 feature a jaw fixing which will not only fit the Record Power series of Jaws but is also fully compatible with Nova and Robert Sorby brand jaws.

Precision Engineered Gears

Super Geared True-Lock™ technology ensures high levels of accuracy to provide smooth and solid operation.

Woodworm Screw

The SC3 and SC4 are supplied with the indispensable Record Power woodworm screw. Ideal for mounting bowl blanks, this screw is held in the jaws of the chuck, giving exceptional holding power. This means a separate woods crew chuck need not be used and the chuck can stay on the lathe, saving time and effort.

Sealed Backing Plate with Full Indexing

The SC4 features a strong backing plate to protect the gear mechanism from dust. It also features 72-point indexing around the full circumference.

Single Handed Operation

The SC3 and SC4 are operated single-handedly using a key, leaving a hand free to mount the work. The SC4 key features a ball hex wrench design for multi-directional operation and ease of access.


62313 50 mm Standard Jaws
RRP £39.99
62572 2 Inch (50 mm) Faceplate Ring
RRP £18.99
62825 SC4 Chuck Wrench
RRP £14.99
62826 Hex Key For SC4
RRP £12.99
62833 Standard Woodworm Screw RH
RRP £12.99

10th September 2017
Neil said...
"Many thanks for quickly sending out a replacement chuck insert after I ordered the wrong size. Excellent after sales service and the chuck has been working well for me."
Star Rating 5
9th September 2017
Peter Rafferty said...
"Record SC4 chuck A great chuck easy to use.Yandles are great to do business with and postal is quick.A great service.Thanks."
Star Rating 5
11th May 2017
Mr P said...
"It is my first chuck ever so i can't compare it to others so it's just how i find it, works really well & well made. I will be buying another."
Star Rating 5
4th December 2016
charles b said...
"i was looking at getting a new chuck as my old one was well and truly on the way out. just by chance i thought i would give the record power sc4 a shot when it arrived it went straight on and i was that impressed i now have two of them set up with different jaw sets on them. i have tried other chucks over the years but i am sticking with the sc4s in my opinion the best chuck available to date. "
Star Rating 5
3rd December 2016
charles b said...
"in my opinion this is the best chuck out there."
Star Rating 5


Record Power SC4 Professional Geared Scroll Chuck Package
Record Power SC4 Professional Geared Scroll Chuck PackageRecord Power SC4 Professional Geared Scroll Chuck PackageRecord Power SC4 Professional Geared Scroll Chuck PackageRecord Power SC4 Professional Geared Scroll Chuck PackageRecord Power SC4 Professional Geared Scroll Chuck Package

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