Proxxon End Wire Brush - Steel 8mm (Pkt 2)

Item Code: PRX28951

Supplier Ref: 202352

MPN: 202352

UK delivery available from £6.49

£3.99inc vat

Key Features

  • 8mm wire brushes
  • Pack of 2

Steel brushes, cups and wheels

High quality components for best operation. For cleaning, removing rust, sanding, frosting, roughening, rounding-off, etc. of metal, cast iron, plastic, stone and wood. Shaft of Ų 2.35mm.

Permit the brushes to work only with gentle contact pressure and at the recommended rotational speed! If the pressure is too high, the individual wires will be bent too strongly and afterwards straighten up again due to the centrifugal force. This excessive flexural fatigue stress of the wires on their seating promotes the notch effect. They are prone to breakage!


Proxxon End Wire Brush - Steel 8mm (Pkt 2)



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