Microclene MC420 Air Filter

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Microclene MC420 Air Filter

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Microclene MC420 Air Filter

Compact, economical Microclene MC420 air filter is perfect for a small workshop, filtering a 40 cubic metre room 10 times each hour.
This filter will suit a workshop with a size of up to 40 cubic metres; this approximates to an area the size of a single car garage.
This air filter device can be hung over a lathe or bench or in the centre of the workshop, it takes the dirty air in 360 degrees round the sides and there is an inlet on the base for taking air from below.
Height: 250mm (9 3/4 inch)
Diameter: 204mm (8 inch)
Voltage: 220/240V . 100 Watts
Weight: 4.6kg approx.
Plug: UK, 3 pronged


Microclene MC420 Air Filter

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