DREMEL 24mm, 0.64 mm Thick Emery

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Cut-Off Wheel 24 mm (36 pcs) (409)

For slicing and cutting in metal,wood and plastic. Cut-off wheels make it easy to cut or slot bolts, screws, sheet metal, thin wood and plastic. Fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheels (456, 426, 426B) are for tough applications. The cut-off wheel cuts only along its edge. Do not attempt to sand or cut curved holes with them. Use Dremel cut-off wheels with mandrel 402.

Technical specifications

Shank diameter: 3,2 mm
Working diameter: 24,0 mm
Maximum RPM: 35.000 1/min
Quantity: 36


DREMEL 24mm, 0.64 mm Thick Emery



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