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Bottled Fretboard Cleaner & Restorative Set
Bottled Fretboard Cleaner & Restorative Set
The cleaner is based on a vintage recipe used for over 3 centuries to clean the best stringed instruments. Both products are free of abrasives and with zero silicone or petroleum products. Our restorative lotion has a blend of medical grade natural oils perfected for our luthiers over years. Set (1 bottle of each)
£15.95 inc VAT
Guitar Finishing OilGuitar Finishing Oil
Guitar Finishing Oil
This is the perfect product to give your guitar a natural looking finish. This oil can give a matte finish or a gloss finish depending on the number of applications. It penetrates the wood well, dries quickly, is water resistant and will not change colour or crack with age.Our 150ml bottle of finishing oil is enough to cover one full guitar to a gloss finish, or two guitars, if applied to a matte...
£9.95 inc VAT

Jewellers / Inlay Cutting Bench JigJewellers / Inlay Cutting Bench Jig
Jewellers / Inlay Cutting Bench Jig
Crimson Guitars Inlay cutting (V-slot) bench jig. Made in the UK from ecologically sourced Sapele wood. This jig fits in a bench vice and holds the work to the perfect height for you to comfortably cut your inlays or even make jewellery, etc ecologically sourced sapele bench jig adjustable height perfect for cutting mother of pearl inlays / jewellery make in the UK
£19.95 inc VAT
Rockin' Neck RestRockin' Neck Rest
Best Seller
Rockin' Neck Rest
An improvement over standard designs the Rockin' neck rest. It rocks to adjust itself to the height and position of the guitar automatically and provides more support under the neck for fret leveling and fret installation work when you are exerting lots of downward pressure. In this position the neck rest becomes unstable when pushing sideways, for example when crowning or polishing frets, and in...
£24.95 inc VAT

Stunning Spirit Stains 250mlStunning Spirit Stains 250ml
Stunning Spirit Stains 250ml
These stains are available in 250ml bottles, enough for 3 or 4 full guitars at the very least. This is a quick drying stain and can be used neat or diluted with Spirit Thinners. Ensure that your surface is free of dust and is dry. This product can be applied using a cloth, brush or spray. Please use gloves and appropriate eye protection; and wash hands after use. Use in a well ventilated area...
£11.95 inc VAT
Stunning Stains 250mlStunning Stains 250ml
Stunning Stains 250ml
These are Water based stains, safe to use (though we don't recommend you drink them) and will give you a vibrant finish. Our colours work best on light coloured woods. This product may be used neat or diluted to reach a shade of your choosing. Our 250ml bottle will give you plenty to play with.
£6.95 inc VAT

Stunning Stains Shots 10mlStunning Stains Shots 10ml
Stunning Stains Shots 10ml
10ml (dropper) bottles of concentrated Stunning Stain pigments. This is a concentrate designed to be mixed with a solvent and can be diluted with water to give you a variety of shades. These pigments can be used to create a wide range of intensities; from bright, shocking color, to light, pastel hues, depending on the concentration you use.
£4.95 inc VAT
Fretting HammerFretting Hammer
Fretting Hammer
UK grown ash handle fretting hammer, brass head perfect for hammering frets whilst not damaging them ergonomic handle hand applied shellac finish
£29.95 inc VAT

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