Craft saw blade 190 x 40 teeth x 30 thin

Item: CSB-19040TB

MPN: 82023100

Thin kerf anti-kickback sawblades

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Expires 30th July 2030

Product Description

Thin kerf anti-kickback sawblades for cordless trim saws.|Sawblades designed for a professional finish in soft wood, hard wood,plasterboard, stone fibre board, particle board, veneer, plywood, MDF and hardboard.|Reamed bore to ensure precise fit to spindle.|Silverbraze to ensure tip is bonded securely to body. |Body hardened and tempered to maintain trueness. |Laser etched on reverse to European standard EN847-1/2. |The Trend name for traceability and a guarantee of quality. |High grade alloy steel plate body precision ground to maintain flatness.|Not for use with Bosch GSK 24.


D=7 1/2 inches|D=190 mm|Bore=30 mm|Kerf=2.0 mm|Plate thick=1.4 mm|No. of Teeth=40|Tooth form=ATB|Quick Selector No.=T15|Type=Combination