CNC Smart Fast Y1300

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The CNC Smart Fast Y1300 is a high performance floor mounted machine for improved routing productivity.|CNC Smart Fast Y1300 comes with a high frequency head and a maximum feed speed of 15 metres a minute.|Solid construction with enclosed steel cabinet and floor stand meeting the requirements of EN 848 Part 3.|CNC Smart Fast Y1300 machine has stepper motors and lead screws and has opening doors at both ends of Y - axis.|Onboard Goya console enables the machine to be controlled without being connected to a computer.|Single phase power supply required.|3-axis control giving continuous movement.|Machine uses industrial standard drivers suitable for the maximum feed speeds required.|Supplied with Bach control software as standard.|The price shown is the base price of the machine. Please contact your local CNC Dealer for a complete package to suit your requirements.|

Width=1854 mm|Depth=2910 mm|Height door shut=1750 mm|Height door open=2075 mm||Max.movement X-axis=860 mm|Max.movement Y-axis=1420 mm|Max.movement Z-axis=90 mm||Max. cut feed rate X-axis=3-250 mm/s|Max. cut feed rate Y-axis=3-250 mm/s|Max. cut feed rate Z-axis=3-250 mm/s|Max. non cut feed rate=250 mm/sec||Positional accuracy=

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CNC Smart Fast Y1300
CNC Smart Fast Y1300CNC Smart Fast Y1300CNC Smart Fast Y1300CNC Smart Fast Y1300CNC Smart Fast Y1300

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