Bessey GH20 Lever Clamp, 200mm x 100mm

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Bessey G20H Lever Clamp

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  •     Greater reserves of power, thanks to optimised rail profile, for even clamping force build-up, especially under maximum utilisation of the clamping range
  •     Non-slip trigger release
  •     Quick – up to 5 x faster than regular clamps
  •     Secure – vibration resistant
  •     Strong – clamping force up to 8,500 N

Clamping with leverage

The quick, secure, powerful clamping tool – now optimised!
The original BESSEY lever clamps are lightweight, easy to handle, dimensionally stable, and torsion-resistant.
And the best thing is: they can clamp up to 5 x faster than conventional clamps.
This is because they use the natural force of the lever, meaning that with just a small amount of effort they can quickly produce large clamping pressures. In addition, the optimised rail profile with greater reserves of force enables a more even application of force – especially under full utilisation of clamping range.
The new original BESSEY lever clamps are particularly valuable in situations where many clamps have to be applied in a short time, with no risk of loosening due to vibration. Try it out!

  • Opening: 200mm
  • Throat: 100mm
  • Rail Section: 22mm x 8.5mm
  • Weight: 1.1Kg


Bessey GH20 Lever Clamp, 200mm x 100mm



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