Bessey Ban 700 Band Clamp

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Bessey Ban 700 Band Clamp

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The band clamp BAN 700 and the Vario corners BVE – the perfect pair for gentle, non-warping clamping.


  •     1 band clamp
  •     4 Vario corners
For even clamping on both sides without warping or skewing of the work piece Clamping curves, polygonal connections and closed contours are traditionally some of the most difficult clamping jobs.
BESSEY has come up with a startling solution to this problem: in the form of the patented band clamp BAN 700, and the practical Vario corners.
These two products are suitable for all those situations where gentle, non-warping, all-round clamping is needed. Universally applicable. For wood and plastic as well as in metal construction.
Secured by an automatic locking system that ensures even tractive forces on both sides, which do not slacken until the clamp is released. No warping – no stress!
  • Clamping Range: up to 7m
  • Band Width: 25mm x 1mm
  • Infinite Angle Adjustment from 60-180º
  • Even Pressure on Mitre Joints


Bessey Ban 700 Band Clamp

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