Bearing guided rebater 12.7mm

Item Code: TR34X1-2TC

Supplier Ref: TR34X1-2TC

MPN: 82079099

Bearing Guided Rebater

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£42.62inc vat
Features 2mm micrograin Tungsten Carbide tips, for cutting the most abrasive materials to give extra long life.|PTFE coated, indicated by distinctive black colouring.|Can be used on hardwood & softwood, fibreboard, plywood and particle board.|Etched dimensions on extra long 40mm shanks, for quick identification. |Includes 3 extra bearings. |Tool creates rebates 7.9mm, 9.5mm, 11.1mm & 12.7mm.
D=35 mm|C=12.7 mm|Shank Diameter=1/2 inch|



Bearing guided rebater 12.7mm
Bearing guided rebater 12.7mmBearing guided rebater 12.7mmBearing guided rebater 12.7mm



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