Arbortech IND200 Industrial Carver - Industrial Pro Kit

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Key Features

  • Fits most 4" or 4.1/2" angle grinders
  • Replaceable and rotatable teeth do away with sharpening
  • Pro Kit includes blade, key and Pro-Guard
  • Pro-Guard acts as depth stop, safety guard, parallel guide and chip deflector
The Industrial Woodcarver is the professional choice in rotary woodcarving. This blade carves the hardest and the softest wood with equal smoothness, efficiency and control. In fact, the harder the wood, the better the Industrial Woodcarver works!

• Freehand power carving
• Rough shaping
• Medium to large projects
• Ideal for major wood removal in sculpting (busts, chairs, burls, rocking horses etc)
• Easy to use
• Extremely controllable
• Hollow ground, rotatable and replaceable carbide tungsten teeth for excellent carving feeling and long product life
• No kickback

Industrial Pro-Kit
Industrial blade, Torx™ Key & Guard system, attaches to 100mm & 115mm angle grinders (4" & 4 1/2")
9th August 2016
Oldcomps said...
"amazing piece of kit, its the first time I have used one of these. I normally work in metal and used to using an angle grinder and did not realise there was a blade available for wood, it cuts so cleanly and can take wood off at a great rate, it does need a gentle touch for finer work but its a great addition to my tool box."
Star Rating 5


Arbortech IND200 Industrial Carver - Industrial Pro Kit

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