800W Rebate Planer GP800W

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800W Rebate Planer

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800W twin-blade rebate planer with 34,000 cuts per minute. 14-position depth adjuster with calibration and parking settings. Safety lock-off button and low-vibration insulated handles for added comfort. Choice of left or right rear dust extraction with bag and vacuum adaptor. Built-in automatic parking stand. Partially exposed blade drum for rebating and easy blade change. Blade spanner with on-tool storage. Cutting capacities: width 82mm, depth 0.25 - 3mm. Weight 3.2kg. Also includes rebate depth gauge, guide fence and spare belt.


800W Rebate Planer                                                     GP800W
800W Rebate Planer                                                     GP800W800W Rebate Planer                                                     GP800W800W Rebate Planer                                                     GP800W800W Rebate Planer                                                     GP800W

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